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Sunshine has been demanding a website of her own for some time now, but when I offered her a blog, she decided she would rather write an advice column.  She was like, “Uh, hello, I’d like to help people, not just prattle about television, like some people do.  Ahem.”

So if you or your pet have a question for Sunshine, send it in! And then check back for a new dose of her wit and whiskers every Monday morning . . . maybe you’ll see your question answered here!

Sunshine wants me to add that she might not be able to respond to all the letters she receives. It’s possible she’s being a little overly optimistic about how wildly popular this column will be (but shh, don’t tell her that!). :-)  Also, perhaps we should mention that Sunshine is not a licensed therapist, although she is cuter than most of them.  :-)

December 7, 2010: Time to Snuggle in for the Holidays

Hello friends, both furry and not!

Brrr, it’s getting cold!  Which means it must be that time of year when we have lots of traveling, interesting smells around the house, and oodles of time with our extended pack!


But this year I am FAR OUTNUMBERED by puppies new and old, and it’s quite unsettling!

Here we have a classic example of pack members all staring at the new puppy instead of ME!

So I couldn’t post last week because there was all this madness going on:

November 22, 2010: Nefarious Swiffers and Other Things That Are Out To Get Me

Hi everyone!

As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes we get messages with terrific ideas for new Pet Trouble books.  Remember a couple weeks ago, when I posted the Digger Dalmatian suggestion?  Well, here’s another fabulous Pet Trouble idea we love, and I just had to share it – especially since Emily emailed us twice about it (after patiently waiting for a response the first time!  I’m sorry we took so long to respond!).  Thanks so much, Emily!  Your emails are awesome!

Dear T.T., I was wondering, can I give you a suggestion on your Pet Trouble books?  Because I have an idea!  Could you make a book of Pet Trouble called Scaredy-Cat Shih Tzu?  Because I have a Shih Tzu cross Bichon, but right now I'm focusing on his Shih Tzu side.  Anyway, it's because he can be a scaredy cat sometimes!  If you do do this, can you make the Shih Tzu’s name Chase because that's the name of mine?  Write back soon!

Your book fan,


November 15, 2010: Begone, Bad Breath!

Hi Sunshine!
My dog Oreo has this super smelly breath problem.
Do you know how to get rid of a super smelly breath problem?
Oh, and my other dog, Molly has this problem of jumping on anything that annoys her. The screen door or Oreo for example.
Molly is a purebred Boxer and Oreo is a cute mutt, though we think she is 88% Jack Russell.
Thanks for letting me take up space on your blog, Sunshine!
Your fan,

Hi SnoPupp!

Ooooo, we are all too familiar with super smelly breath problems!  Not that I ever have bad breath, of course, but certain little brothers of mine, on the other hand…

Suuuuuuurely you’re not referring to MEEEEEEEEE…

November 8, 2010: One Day All the Cheese Will Be Mine . . .

Hi everyone!

Before I get to this week’s messages, Tui and I wanted to post this link about our friend’s lost dog Marisol:

Help Find Marisol

So sad!  She ran away near Malden, MA last week, and they’re desperate to find her, so if you’re anywhere near there, please keep an eye out for her!  Marisol, I’m sending you tail wags and licks and cuddles and all my hopes for your safe journey home.

HI, Sunshine! I have something to tell you. PLEASE PLEASE write the book about Dalmatians! Dalmatians are my 2nd favorite dog! I really love that title! I have a few questions for you, Sunshine. What is your favorite food? I have a dog and she loooooooooooooooves dog chicken and cheese. I heard that nuts are bad for dogs. Is that true? I love Pet Trouble series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ayame!
What a cool name you have!  And thanks so much for your message!  We love Arozza’s Dalmatian title, too.  (And Dalmatians in general!)  :-)  So keep your paws crossed and maybe one day it’ll happen!

My favorite food in the WHOLE WORLD is cheese.  I could eat cheese all day long if Tui would stop hoarding it all.  I also like bacon, hamburger, chicken, and everything that falls off the new puppy’s high chair.

November 2, 2010: Dachshunds Ahoy!

New book!  New book!  New book!  Available now! 

PetTrouble8 cover

Remember a while back when you all got to vote on the next Pet Trouble dog?  And the dachshund won by a landslide?  Well, you decided, and here’s the dachshund book you’ve all been waiting for!  :-) 

In this one, Charlie finally gets the dog he’s always wanted…a dog who will love him best, unlike his older brother’s dog or his younger brother’s cat.  Except it turns out maybe King the dachshund likes only Charlie—and nobody else!  Will he ever get along with the rest of the family? 

Click here to read an excerpt!

October 25, 2010: This Cheese Drawer Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

Hi everyone!

Guess who’s visiting us again?

Oh, brother.

That’s right – Maui is back!  And more hyper than ever!  I don’t know what they’re feeding this dog (oh, wait, yes I do…MY FOOD!), but he is seriously not nearly snoozy enough for this household.  As if I don’t have enough trouble with the new puppy!  Now I have to compete with BOTH of them for the apparently very limited supply of cheese!

Look at those sinister faces…plotting to get my cheese!

October 11, 2010: Three Bears and a Yoodle

Hi hi!

After last week’s post, clearly I have to share this video, too, since cats and golden retriever puppies are evidently not the only ones capable of silliness in beverage containers:  

October 4, 2010: Sunshine Alone Can Save Our Clan . . .

Hi Sunshine!  Are you planning to appear in the Warriors books?

Hi Savannah!
Oh boy, what a fun question – I’d love to be that famous!  Plus I think Sorreltail and I would be great friends.  She should call me so we can be BFFs!  She could teach me how to hunt, and I could teach her how to fall asleep in front of the TV.  (The most important part is to wake up if there are ever polar bears or blue muppets on the screen, so you can bark like mad at them and scare them off.  Seriously, it’s lucky I’m on top of these things, because nobody else around here seems to care how dangerous they are.  The new puppy has yet to bark at a single polar bear!  He could really use some warrior cat battle training.)

Plus I think Sunshine could totally work as a warrior cat name, don’t you?  I mean, OK, perhaps it doesn’t sound very intimidating, but neither does Mistyfoot or Cloudtail, right?  ;-)  And I’d, like, totally fit into a prophecy perfectly.  (When darkness comes to all the clans, only bright sunshine can drive away the clouds over the forest . . . Oooo?  You want to read that book now, don’t you?)

September 27, 2010: Mailmen of DOOM!

Hi everyone!

Brrrr!  It’s starting to get cold outside!  Which means it’s time for me to get extra-snuggly with all the blankets I can find. . . .

Snuggling2 - Sept10
Explain this “hibernation” concept to me again…

Dear Sunshine,
I just found this website because I am a Warriors fan and I saw your blog button, BUT ANYWAY!
My dog, Buddy, is a cavachon, he is ultra friendly—but not to strangers, ESPECIALLY the mailman!
And we LOVE our mailman, so any advice on how I can stop my sweet, yet crazy doggie?!

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